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Intensify Your Testosterone Levels




The Best Natural Test-Booster

Improve your energy levels, increase lean body mass, and enhance your performance with this 100% guaranteed t-booster. KOR’s all natural testosterone booster can help to boost your libido, improve your workout performance, and increase your stamina. KOR Test Booster even includes ingredients to boost your mood so that you feel good in and out of the gym. We guarantee this t-booster will pack a major punch in the first 90 days, or your money back.



SPIKE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: See a real difference with this scientifically researched formula that enhances your stamina and energy levels from three different angles. With ingredients to boost your testosterone, block estrogen, and offer immune support, KOR Test Booster can help you gain muscle, improve your mood, and give you an extra burst of endurance. You’ll be able to achieve big spikes in workout performance and improve your overall health with ingredients like Zinc for testosterone support, and Ashwagandha for a strengthened immune system.

MAXIMIZE MUSCLE GROWTH WITH A T-BOOST: Not only are healthy testosterone levels crucial for lean muscle growth, but an extra boost of testosterone can help to increase strength and stamina as well. KOR’s Test Boost ingredients are specifically combined to aid in fat burning while maximizing muscle growth. Naturally enhance your gym game and get more energy to see real results.

ELEVATE YOUR MOOD: If you have tried other t-boosters, you may have noticed that you were in a bad mood. This is often a side-effect of testosterone pills, so KOR included minerals in their formula that can uplift your mood and help you feel less tired. These ingredients can also help to raise your energy levels and relieve stress so that you feel better and perform better.


ZINC: If you are a rigorous exerciser or have lost weight, you may be Zinc deficient, which can have an effect on your testosterone production. Zinc can also help to preserve the natural testosterone levels, and affects your libido, is essential for healthy immune function, and can improve your energy levels.

BORON: Boron helps to suppress production of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and an estrogen called estradiol. These both affect how testosterone is used in the body and the amount produced. Suppressing them helps to maintain a healthy and effective amount of free testosterone.

FENUGREEK SEED: Fenugreek plays a role in the production and conservation of testosterone in the body. This helps to burn more fat, giving you more energy and a higher libido. Additionally, it can help to improve insulin release, increasing muscle mass and strength.

EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA: Eurycoma Longifolia can help to boost the production of testosterone in the body, which helps it burn fat and improve your muscle to fat ratio. It can also help increase strength and stamina as well as help to alleviate stress and anxiety and increase energy levels.

ASHWAGANDHA ROOT: Ashwagandha is used in eastern medicinal practices to support healthy immune, brain, heart, and joint function. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in thyroid function and combating conditions like anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

DIM: Diindolylmethane is a phytochemical that an aid in the regulation of good and bad estrogen metabolism in the body, and block testosterone from converting to estrogen. This balances out hormone levels and allows for more free testosterone. Free testosterone is essential for a healthy and active metabolism.


  • Q. Does Test Booster Have a Money Back Guarantee?
    • A. Yes! Every order of KOR Test Booster automatically comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you decide that Test Booster isn’t right for you, simply contact customer service for instructions on how to return your bottles for a full refund (less shipping/handling). If you have other questions, call us at: 888-879-9943.
  • Q. How Long Should Each Bottle of Test Booster Last?
    • A. Each bottle of Test Booster comes with 90 capsules and is designed to last 30 days. Recommended use for Test Booster is to take 1-2 capsules in the morning with food and plenty of water, and 1-2 capsules mid-afternoon, or 30-60 minutes before your workout.
  • Q. Is Test Booster Safe?
    • A. Test Booster is 100% safe. With no steroids or banned substances, and no other stimulants to give you the jitters, you shouldn’t need to worry about side effects. KOR Test Booster is a dietary supplement that contains all natural vitamins and minerals shown to promote energy, strength, and libido. It does not contain hormones or prohormones, and it will not test negatively on a drug test.
  • Q. When Will I Notice Results with KOR Test Booster?
    • A. Many Test Booster users notice a difference in energy and performance within just a few days. Your own results will vary depending on the intensity and regularity of your workouts, but you should expect to see changes in energy, muscle gains, and libido within 30 days.

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