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EPIQ Test: Powerful Testosterone Amplifier

Is a supplement designed by GNC to powerfully and effectively enhance testosterone in men. It was designed for the average athlete that demands the highest amount of performance. It is Free of banned substances, free of artificial colors or dyes, it has no undeclared ingredients and it was developed scientifically with all natural ingredients that are key to testosterone amplifying.

Designed With An Epic Formula

This powerful formula was designed to work right along side your body to naturally increase your bodies testosterone production. It will provide most users an added edge that is unlike any other testosterone products. Most Testosterone supplements require that you take 4-6 pills a day. With EPIQ Test you only have to take ONE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this product make me toned?

A: This formula will help you gain muscle. It does not specifically deal with toning.

Q: Will it help my gain weight fast?

A: No it will not. It will help boost your testosterone and help you build muscle. The more muscle you have the more you will weigh.

Q: Does this product come with side effects?

A: Some testosterone supplements can cause mood changes or make you hostile and aggressive. Depending on what your using it for this could be good or bad.

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