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3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Natural Testosterone

Everyone has to deal with the pain of aging, and for men, that means increased weight gain, less muscle, a lower libido, and greater depression. And the real kicker? All of this starts as early as the time you hit 30.

The best way to reverse these effects is to increase circulating testosterone levels. Many men are prepared to pay thousands of dollars and undergo injections and other forms of testosterone replacement therapy to fight signs of aging.

But what if you’re not ready go to that extreme yet?

Fortunate ly, there are easy ways to boost your testosterone naturally. Some may seem like no-brainers, or even too easy to work, but the following three tips are a sure-fire way to increase its production.

1. Drop the Extra Baggage Around Your Middle

Natural Testosterone

Making positive lifestyle changes is key to boosting testosterone, and your waistline is a good place to start. If you’re holding onto unwanted weight, your testosterone levels are suffering.

The more body fat you have, the lower your testosterone levels. This is because extra fat leads to increased estrogen production through the enzyme aromatase.[1] With too much aromatase, testosterone is converted to estrogen, resulting in a hormonal imbalance.

Conversely, less fat means greater testosterone levels and a better balance between testosterone and estrogen. And because increased testosterone levels mean more muscle, and more muscle means a faster metabolism, the benefits from losing weight are cyclical.

You can lose some initial pounds easily by cutting out processed sugar, processed grains, and fructose from your diet. Watch your calorie count as well, but be careful not to let it drop too low. If you do, your body enters so-called “starvation mode” and testosterone production shuts off altogether.

A good diet plan that supports continued testosterone production should result in one to three pounds of fat lost each week.[2]

2. Eat a Healthy Diet with Zinc and Vitamin D

It’s a tired cliché to be sure, but you really are what you eat—at least when it comes to testosterone production.

An easy way to both lose weight and increase testosterone production is by eating a healthy diet, and hitting vitamin and mineral sources like vitamin D and zinc.

The first, and simplest, thing to do is limit sugar intake. Sugar raises insulin levels, which decreases testosterone levels. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day.[3] This is far too much, especially if you’re trying to boost testosterone.

Start by eliminating soda. When you’ve adjusted, start cutting out foods that list sugar in the first five ingredients. This is a fast and easy way to lose weight.

Natural Testosterone

As for things you should eat, focus on mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats from animal and vegetable sources are good too. If you neglect these fat sources, you run the risk of further decreasing testosterone levels. According to one study, a diet where less than 40 percent of energy comes from fat leads to a decrease in testosterone production.[4]

Also include zinc and vitamin D in your diet.

Zinc is a powerful mineral with many positive benefits, but its influence on testosterone production is particularly impressive. Zinc is shown to significantly improve testosterone production in men with low T-levels within just six weeks of supplementation.[5] Conversely, a lack of zinc in the diet leads to a significant decrease in testosterone.

It’s estimated nearly 45 percent of adults don’t get enough zinc, so to increase zinc in your diet, it’s a good idea to invest in a supplement.[6]

As for vitamin D, this vitamin improves semen quality and sperm count by increasing testosterone levels. Vitamin D is even effective in increasing testosterone production in overweight men. In one study, overweight men who took vitamin D supplements daily saw a steady and significant increase in their testosterone levels over one year.[7]

3. Hit the Gym with High-Intensity Exercise

Of course, it’s not all about what you eat. Physical activity also improves testosterone production—that is, if you’re participating in the right physical activity.

Aerobic exercise burns calories and eliminates fat, which is good for your testosterone levels. But to really pump up, you’ll need to pump some iron.

High intensity exercise both increases testosterone and prevents existing testosterone levels from declining. According to fitness guru Chad Howse, the best testosterone-boosting exercises focus on power in the lower body.[8]

Three high intensity exercises to consider include:

Natural Testosterone
  • Squats. Squats boost both testosterone and growth hormone levels, making them a great choice for muscle and size gains. For proper form, remember that no part of your body should lean forward past your toes.[8] From day one, you should get at or below 90 degrees for the most power.
  • Deadlifts. Like squats, deadlifts increase lean muscle mass through increased testosterone production.[8] They also increase functional strength. For the best results, keep the bar close to your body and try to lift with your legs. Don’t let your knees, chest, or face lean forward beyond your toes.
  • Olympic Lifts. According to Howse, Olympic lifts are “the ultimate explosive exercise”.[8] Moving through progressively heavier weights and lifting from the legs will provide a healthy flow of testosterone. Like squats, Olympic lifts also improve HGH production.

Practice these exercises six days a week for optimum testosterone production.

You can also turn aerobic exercise into high intensity exercise by exercising as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds, book-ended by 90 seconds of exercise at a slower pace.

Other Testosterone-Boosting Tips

If you think you’re already living a lifestyle consistent with these tips, you may want to consider a natural testosterone supplement. Natural testosterone boosters contain vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone.

Testosterone supplements are safe, legal, and don’t require a prescription. In addition to maintaining a good hormonal balance, these products also increase muscle growth, energy production, sex drive, and mental and heart health.

Supplementing positive lifestyle choices with a testosterone supplement like this ensures a healthy, natural approach to boosting testosterone. If you follow these tips and choose a quality supplement, you’ll be well on your way to higher testosterone levels and all the benefits that come with them.


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